Computer to Plate (CtP) systems

The PlateRite 8600MII is a high-quality, entry-level CtP recorder that will provide the foundation for a fully digital platemaking workflow.

The PlateRite 8600MII is another high-quality thermal CtP recorder built with the renowned technology and expertise that have made Dainippon Screen the world's number one CtP manufacturer. Screen's unique thermal external drum technology is combined with its high-precision optics to enable fast and high-quality plate output. As there is no need for complex processing and intermediate steps, such as outputting layout data to film or exposing plates using film, the plate production process with CtP is much simpler than traditional platemaking. Furthermore, CtP eliminates paste-up errors and foreign-matter contamination, contributing to increased efficiency in both the platemaking and printing process. Last but not least, thermal CtP output produces sharper halftone dots than traditional platemaking methods, and therefore dramatically improves printing quality.

Faster turnaround plus improved quality and lower costs

CtP benefits

  1. Improved registration and press productivity
  2. Reduced turnaround times from the shortened production process
  3. Cost reduction through the elimination of film processing
  4. Sharper, more accurate dots
  5. More consistent quality and reduced labor costs

Full-digital workflow

An EQUIOS workflow system helps to achieve maximum productivity. Linking with EQUIOS enables non-stop automation while minimizing errors and production losses. Output to a CtP recorder is also easier than ever before.

Based on international standards

The PlateRite 8600MII conform to specified safety standard.

  • Mechanical safety (IEC 60204-1)
  • Safety of a laser product (IEC 60825-1)

The PlateRite 8600MII is produced at an ISO-certified factory.

  • ISO 9001 (2005/12)
  • ISO 14001 (2007/11)

Auto-balance system

The PlateRite 8600MII features Screen's unique auto-balance system. The operator simply selects the plate size and type from the display menu and the auto-balance system automatically fine-tunes and optimizes the balance of the recording drum. This ensures stable drum rotation even at high speeds.

Reliable plate securing system

The PlateRite 8600MII recorder features an automated clamping and vacuum system. This system can consistently and firmly secure a wide range of plate sizes, even during fast-rotation/high-speed exposure. A plate is fixed to the drum by a unique slot equipped with a clamp and a vacuum attachment system.

Optical system technology

Stable exposure beamWith the PlateRite 8600MII, the exposure head and its built-in laser move as a single unit. This prevents any profile fluctuation caused by changes in the shape of the optical fiber and produces a stable beam.

Fine imaging lens

The PlateRite 8600MII capitalizes on Screen’s advanced optical technology. It features high refractive index glass and an impressive 13 element lens design for sharper imaging of half-tone dots. Proprietary technology also compensates for shifts in the focal position caused by environmental temperature variations.


Screen PlateRite 8600MII - Technical Key Specifications