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We provide best in class equipment and support solutions.

The newest Entry Level Model, asterEL, offers the same basic features and engineering quality found on larger models of the aster range.

With the release of this solution, Meccanotecnica brings top technology within reach of a wider range of customers than ever.

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asterBIG is Meccanotecnica’s book sewing unit for oversize books. It handles a wide range of signature sizes and paper types. Its extreme versatility allows binders to produce various kinds of books, from small note-books (150x120 mm) to large-sized artbooks (520x440 mm).

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Excellence is what professionals are firmly keeping in mind and this has been the goal while designing the unit.

asterPRO incorporates all the cutting-edge technology for automatic book sewing.

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asterEVO is a compact book sewing machine offering high performance and the top engineering quality of the aster range. Several solutions already appreciated on the high range models have been applied to asterEVO in order to obtain maximum reliability and efficiency.

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