RotaJET L – Industrial

RotaJET – the name for customizing and flexibility.

The RotaJET L Series has also made its mark in industrial digital printing. The modular concept of the RotaJET L Industrial uses an identical platform and addresses the single-sided 4/0 printing of industrial applications such as decor and packaging. Its print width can be expanded from 77 - 138 cm in several stages. This unique upgradeability makes the RotaJET L the most future-proof high-volume inkjet system on the market.


The optimal union of precision engineering with a central cylinder, latest inkjet-head technology and KBA RotaColor polymer inks achieves excellent printing results even on complex substrates or coated paper.


  • Fully automatic stitching of the print heads in the printing arrays ensures finest quality inkjet printing.
  • Intelligent low-energy dryers guarantee an exemplary energy balance - while drying your printing products safely at very low temperatures.
  • Scalable KBA XLO workflow can be upgraded in response to data volume or application changes.


RotaJET L – Industrial - Technical Specifications