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KBA RotaJET L – Commercial

The RotaJET L Series – the name for customizing and flexibility

The consistent modular design of the RotaJET L systems offers a unique level of upgradeability and adaptability. The RotaJET L Series with web widths from 77 to 138 cm is one of the most future-proof high-volume inkjet printing systems on the market, serving a wide range of different application fields in commercial, publication, packaging, advertising and functional printing.

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KBA RotaJET L – Industrial

RotaJET – the name for customizing and flexibility.

The RotaJET L Series has also made its mark in industrial digital printing. The modular concept of the RotaJET L Industrial uses an identical platform and addresses the single-sided 4/0 printing of industrial applications such as decor and packaging. Its print width can be expanded from 77 - 138 cm in several stages. This unique upgradeability makes the RotaJET L the most future-proof high-volume inkjet system on the market.

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KBA RotaJET VL – Industrial

The RotaJET VL Series ranks among the top class in industrial inkjet printing presses and is one of the most high-performing digital ranges on the market. The RotaJET 168 covers web widths from 1300 mm to 1680 mm whilst the RotaJET 225 goes even wider with a maximum web width of 2250 mm. This is the top model of the KBA RotaJET systems.

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